Frequently asked questions

What material is being used to make the jewelry tags?
Our jewelry tags-and all our products-are made with coated brass. There are numerous advantages for using this material: there is no discoloration, it is elegant, professional, trendy, and can be used for various artistic fashioning.


What additional costs will I be charged?
There are no additional costs. You only pay for the jewelry tag. Our offer includes all additional costs associated with manufacturing the tags and engravings. Most other companies will charge you for manufacturing the prototype, the various tools used to create the shape of the tag, and other costs which will result in additional expenses.


What shapes and sizes can I ask for?
Shapes and sizes are only restricted by the technical limitations. We check your ideas before we go into production, no cost to you. The size can also be adjusted according to your wishes.


How much text can I have engraved? Can I have a logo engraved? Do I pay more for more text since usually every letter costs extra?

We do not charge extra for more letters. We will engrave as many letters as you would like to see engraved, or can fit on the tag. We can engrave any logo and font as long as it is technically possible. Also spaces can be filled in!


Prices are listed exclusive of tax.


Shipping costs
Outside of Austria, shipping and customs costs depend on location. Will be confirmed on request.


Can I buy logos individually?
No, for technical reasons and cost, this is not possible.


Minimum Purchase
300 pieces. For order of 5,000 or more, please email us at: Every order is for one logo. It is not possible to order 300 tags with two or more different logos.


What files do you accept?
We accept .cdr / .pdf / .jpg. / .gif / .pdf / .tif / .bmp


How do I pay?

Please look at "How it works"


Return policy?

Because each tag is custom made, all sales are final.


When will I receive my order?
After you pay for your order, production starts. Delivery usually takes 4-6 weeks.


I can't open my bill/receipt?
You need Acrobat reader to open your bill/receipt.
Free download: Acrobat Reader